Welcome to Cracking the Collections

Welcome to Cracking the Collections – a blog created by the SPNHC EPG. [That’s the “Society for the Preservation of Natural History Collections: Emerging Professionals Group” for the uninitiated] We started this blog to discuss topics relevant to both emerging and experienced professionals working with natural history collections, and we can’t wait to get started. To learn more about the SPNHC EPG, check out the About page!

So who are we? We are five members of the SPNHC EPG: Kari Harris, Stephanie Allen, Katie McComas, Katie Anderson, and Claire Hopkins. We’ll each be writing a post for Old Collections, New Managers (see below) in the upcoming months, so stay tuned to learn more about us!

Blog posts will fall into four broad categories (linked at the top of the blog):

Old Collections, New Managers – These posts will be personal stories about our paths to careers (or future careers) in natural history collections care. We want to share these stories to provide some guidance to those still choosing a path, as well as to explore the diversity of backgrounds that can lead to this strange and wonderful career.

Natural History Notes – This is our laboratory! Emerging professionals will share their past, current, and future projects in natural history collections. This is also a place for discussing hot topics and broader issues surrounding natural history collections.

Careers in Collections –  Museum professionals with established careers in collections give advice and share stories. We’ll also include job postings here.

Professional Development – Posts in this category will point emerging professionals to opportunities for professional development, training, or important publications or reviews in the field.

Ways To Get Involved

  • Write a guest blog post: We need the EPG community to contribute to make this a success! Contact the Blog Team with a short (2-3 sentence) proposal on the Guest Post Submissions page.

    • Ongoing call for Old Collections, New Managers, Natural History Notes, and Careers in Collections posts

    • Upcoming topics will be announced on the blog – feel free to make suggestions!

  • Join the SPNHC EPG: Keep up with the latest and greatest activities of the EPG between blog posts. There are two ways to join:

  • Become the EPG liaison for a SPNHC committee: Email Kari (kari.panhorst@smail.astate.edu) if you have a committee that you’d like to join.  A list of the various SPNHC committees (with links to individual pages outlining their mandate) can be found here.

Next Time On Cracking the Collections:

  • Old Collections, New Managers: Stephanie Allen – March 10th