EPG Events in Cardiff

Since this is the month of the SPNHC Meeting, we will not be doing a regular blog post. We hope you come back for next month’s post by Nathan Whelan who is doing a postdoc at Auburn University.

All members of the EPG are invited to attend the following:

1. The committee meeting for the EPG will be Tuesday, June 24 from 4:00-5:00PM. For those who cannot attend the meeting will be available remotely via Adobe Connect. We will send out more information the week of the meeting. During the meeting we will be discussing the following:

a. Introductions and Review of EPG Purpose and Goals

b. Listing of new members

c. Committee Liaisons

d. Media: Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Webinars

e. New ideas and other outreach

2. In addition to the meeting we will be involved with the Newbie Breakfast

3. Hopefully we will have an outing specifically designated toward the EPG, details TBA.

Throughout the meeting I will be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook – so stay tuned!

Finally, we are taking suggestions for t-shirt ideas. If you have an idea for a SPNHC or EPG t-shirt, please let us know. We would like to have something to submit while at the meeting in Cardiff.

Please contact Kari Harris at kari.panhorst@smail.astate.edu with any questions and/or t-shirt design ideas.