Call for Proposals for Emerging Professionals session at SPNHC 2015


The Emerging Professionals Committee will be hosting a special session at SPNHC 2015 in Gainesville, FL (May 17-23, 2015). The session will most likely be on Friday afternoon and talks will be limited to 10-15 minutes. We invite anyone who “feels emergent” or feels like they are new to the field, inexperienced, or just that they have more to learn to participate in this session. The intention here is to provide a non-threatening environment of peers to give emerging professionals the opportunity to practice public speaking. We also hope to include those who want to share information that may specifically benefit emerging professionals. The theme of this session is the very premise on which the Emerging Professionals Group was built – we are bringing together those who are inexperienced and/or just starting out and trying to help each other gain experience, access to resources and to become successful in museum careers.

Immediately following the session we will have a discussion panel featuring experts in areas such as interviewing, volunteering, and interning. They will be there to offer ideas and guidance to emerging professionals and answer any questions you may have. Even if you do not plan on presenting, we encourage all emerging professionals to attend this session and panel. This is a wonderful opportunity to show your support for your fellow EP’s and learn new things in the process.

The deadline for abstract submission is January 31, 2015. Instructions for submitting an abstract can be found at SPNHC 2015 Abstract Instructions.

If you have any questions please contact Katie McComas at