One Year Anniversary of Cracking the Collections!

Cracking the Collections is celebrating its one year anniversary! We’ve introduced a new layout to make it easier to browse past articles; tell us what you think in the comments.

We would like to extend our thanks to our guest post authors: Ben Miller, Katharine Corriveau, Nathan Whelan, Ingrid Rochon, Carrie Eaton, Julia Blase, Adele Crane, Taormina Lepore, and Lindsay Walker. We would also like to express our appreciation for the blog team: Stephanie Allen, Kari Harris, Katie Kirkham, and Katie McComas.

Cracking the Collections could not be successful without the support of the natural history and museum collections community.

We’re looking forward to another great year and are seeking guest post authors! You can submit a proposal here. The recently revamped descriptions for each of our blog series are here.


The number of posts in each of our four series for the year.

The number of posts in each of our four series for the year.

Paleontology was the most frequently featured collection type with three posts. It’s been great to see the diversity in collections work, from field collection and exhibits to education and archives.

Our top five posts for the year:
1) Stealing the Spotlight in Natural History Museums
2) Value of Museum Internships
3) From Field to Collection
4) Public Lands, Public Fossils
5) Digital Paleontology

Our plans and goals for the upcoming year are to:
1) Publish a comprehensive international list of all Museum Studies or Museum-related programs, both graduate and undergraduate.
2) Hold a T-shirt competition open to all SPNHC members (stay tuned for more info.!).
3) Host an Emerging Professionals session at the SPNHC Annual Meeting in Gainesville, FL. This session will give emerging professionals an opportunity to gain valuable experience presenting at an international conference in a collaborative and supportive environment.
4) Host an Emerging Professionals luncheon at the SPNHC Annual Meeting in Gainesville, FL. This event will be a great way for emerging professionals to network with others new to the field of natural history collections. More info. to come!


Next time on Cracking the Collections:

Our second Careers in Collections post by Nicole Fisher at the Australian National Insect Collection.