EPC Quarterly Meeting Announcements and Opportunities for Involvement in SPNHC

The Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) held its fall quarterly meeting last month. A number of topics arose that we feel are important to bring to the attention of the broader Emerging Professionals Group (EPG), including some opportunities to become more involved in SPNHC and the EPC. EPG members should also keep an eye out for an upcoming survey (via email) that will gather input on SPNHC initiatives for EPC liaisons to bring to their respective committees.

Emerging Professionals leadership formalized

We wanted to formalize the active roles in the Emerging Professionals leadership so that expectations can be laid out and people have the option to step down if they can no longer meet those expectations. Here is the current leadership of the EPG as it now stands:

  • EPC Chair: Kari Harris
  • EPC Co-chairs: Katie Kirkham, Stephanie Allen
  • Blog editor: Katie McComas; Assistant Editors: Katie Kirkham, Stephanie Allen
  • EPC members: liaisons to SPNHC Committees

WANTED: Liaisons to other SPNHC Committees

Emerging professional liaisons to other SPNHC Committees are automatically considered members of the Emerging Professionals Committee, so if you would like to take a more active role in the group this is a great opportunity! Below are the liaison positions that need to be filled. Click on the name of each committee for a detailed description. Please contact us at spnhcepg@gmail.com if you are interested in filling a position.

Bylaws Committee
Conference Committee
Elections Committee
International Relations Committee
Legislation and Regulations Committee
Long Range Planning Committee

As a liaison, you should expect to take on the following responsibilities:

  1. Keep in touch with your committee throughout the year, especially to find out about ways for Emerging Professionals to participate in SPNHC activities. Ask your Committee Chair how to stay in the loop.
  2. Submit quarterly reports to the rest of the Emerging Professionals Committee (EPC) about your committee’s activities before each quarterly meeting (details on where to submit reports are provided in the invitations to participate in the meeting, via email).
  3. Participate in quarterly meetings (usually video chat meetings). Attend the annual Emerging Professionals Committee Meeting at the SPNHC Annual Meeting as a member of the EPC (if possible).

WANTED: Leaflets editor

The Publications Committee is searching for a new SPNHC Leaflets editor. The position involves seeking and processing short technical notes on collections care and working on a new design for the Leaflets. Please contact Christine Johnson at editor@spnhc.org if you are interested.

WANTED: Twitter fiends

Do you enjoy using Twitter? That’s all we need! Email spnhcepg@gmail.com if you would like to co-manage the SPNHC EPG Twitter account (@SPNHCEPG) with Katie Kirkham.

WANTED: Citations Submitters

The Documentation Committee and Citation Subcommittee is looking for willing volunteers to help submit current citations for the SPNHC Resources list. This is a great way to get involved with a SPNHC Committee in a way that doesn’t take up too much time. Please contact Margaret Landis (paleocatstar@ou.edu) for more information or if you have any questions.

WANTED: Guest bloggers

As always, we are seeking guest writers for this blog (the one you’re reading right now!). Since we started the blog on February 19, 2014, we have published 25 blog posts, drawn 6,967 visitors, and been viewed 14,240 times. We’re very proud of this little endeavor, and would love to continue to provide monthly blog posts by SPNHC members to the community. Yours could be next! Click here for details on submitting a proposal.

Next time on Cracking the Collections:

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