It’s Our Two Year Anniversary!


Cracking the Collections is two years old this month! The blog was viewed more than 8,000 times in 2015, and visited by nearly 4,500 people globally.

We would like to extend our thanks to the guest authors who contributed to the blog this year: Nicole Fisher, Marcia Revelez, Crystal Maier, Kaitlin Janecke, Colleen Evans, Kari Harris, Taormina Lepore, Lindsay Walker, Allison Vitkus, Gil Nelson, and Laura Brenskelle. Our hard-working blog team is: Stephanie Allen, Katie Kirkham, and Katie McComas.

We’re looking forward to another great year and are seeking guest writers for as soon as next month. You can submit a proposal anytime here.

Our top five posts for the year:
1) Advice from the Trenches
2) Behind the Screens
3) Size Doesn’t Matter
4) Adventures in the Field
5) Millions and Millions and Millions of Bugs on Pins

Upcoming events:
The Emerging Professionals Group will be at the SPNHC Annual Meeting in Berlin this June! Watch for more from us on the events we will be hosting for emerging professionals, including last year’s popular luncheon and Q&A session.